June 04, 2020 by Custom Design Doormats

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Coir rugs and mats aren’t a common household commodity, yet. But coir flooring is becoming better known and used more widely as its availability and demand rise. Will you consider a coir carpet or coir matting for your home? If you are looking for natural fiber and sustainable rug, then check into coir carpets and coir floors.


If you’re looking for something a little stronger than sisal flooring, but still earth-friendly, then coir flooring might suit your needs. Maybe a coir doormat will be as far as you go in using this sustainable product, but you may also opt to try coir rugs and carpet.

Made of the strong fibers of coconut husks from Kerala, India. The fibers are soaked in water for several months to ready them for weaving. These coconuts grow along the inner waterways and lakes of India, so the material continues to be produced without human intervention.

What advantages does coir have? As rugs the advantages include:

  • durable and made to last
  • resistant to insects
  • can handle moderate traffic
  • sustainable material


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